We are busy building a new brewery

Quality takes time and we hope you understand. Come in, sit down, and enjoy a cold one. And, please, don’t mind the construction mess.

Drop Bear Brewery is the culmination of this desire to share good beer and good food with others. It’s a project of passion, a vessel to explore new tastes, and an adventure unto itself.

Our Beer

Drop Bear Brewery we believe in quality, so we produce a range of quality stouts, browns, Pilsners, Saisons, IPA’s and Hazeys to name a few.

“Don’t let the future dry up.”

At Drop Bear Brewery we believe that sustainability is not enough, we have to be a force for good. We’re working hard to drive change and become a positive example of how a business can benefit the world around it. We want to create a better future for all.

We are committed to reducing waste, recycling where possible, and supporting local businesses and farmers that share our commitment to a better future.