About Drop Bear

While drop bear is a mythical creature, there are no questions about the passion and craftsmanship of our food and beer. Drop Bear is a culmination of world experiences coming together in Eugene, Oregon. Learn more about our journey below!

Born in Australia, David and Lorraine have lived nomadic lives that have taken them on a meandering path all the way from the dusty outback, to rainy Eugene. No matter where they’ve lived, whether that be tropical West Africa or icy Eastern Europe, they’ve always been passionate about exploring unfamiliar food and drink. They love finding new flavors to excite their taste buds, and then sharing that experience with their friends and family.

Drop Bear Brewery is the culmination of this desire to share good beer and good food with others. It’s a project of passion, a vessel to explore new tastes, and an adventure unto itself. David and Lorraine hope that Drop Bear Brewery can be a part of your journey.


“Don’t let the future dry up.”

At Drop Bear Brewery we believe that sustainability is not enough, we have to be a force for good. We’re working hard to drive change and become a positive example of how a business can benefit the world around it. We want to create a better future for all.

We are committed to reducing waste, recycling where possible, and supporting local businesses and farmers that share our commitment to a better future.